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UltraCULTURE™ Serum-free Medium > Serum free and Feeds

UltraCULTURE™ Serum-free Medium 요약정보 및 구매

Multi Purpose Media

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Multi Purpose Media

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UltraCULTURE™ Serum-free Medium is a complete,

all-purpose medium designed for the cultivation of a wide variety of adherent and non-adherent mammalian cell types.

UltraCULTURE™ Medium can be used to support fusion of cells

during hybridoma formation, growth of monocyte, macrophage, epithelial and fibroblastic cell lines,

and generation of virus particles for vaccine production.

Read more: http://www.sartorius.com/en/products/bioprocess/media-usp/serum-free-and-feeds/multi-purpose-media/#ixzz3Wo0wk5nk


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