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Long Term Live Cell Screening Analysis System

제조사 Essen
원산지 USA
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Long Term Live Cell Screening Analysis System

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IncuCyte ZOOM® Live Cell Imaging


IncuCyte ZOOM® consists of a microscope gantry that resides in the cell incubator, and a networked external controller hard drive

that gathers and processes image data.

Different microscope objectives (4x, 10x, 20x) can be housed within each system and readily interchanged by the user.

Each IncuCyte ZOOM® houses multiple T-flasks or microtiter plates (up to 6) and can acquire >2000 images per hour. 


Multiple Imaging Modes

IncuCyte ZOOM® supports HD phase-contrast, green fluorescence and red fluorescence automated imaging modes.

Our proprietary High Definition (HD) Phase Contrast imaging format is insensitive to optical aberrations caused by the fluid meniscus,

even in 96- and 384-well plates.

In Whole Well Imaging mode, entire wells all the way to the edge can be imaged even in large area formats such as 35 mm dishes.

Simple Remote Viewing & Analysis

IncuCyte ZOOM® is controlled from the office or home by intuitive, simple to use desktop software.

Customizable and trained phase-contrast and multi-color image processing metrics are available allowing for real time analysis and data visualization on the fly.

Creating image and movie files for export is a cinche.

The IncuCyte ZOOM® also has a powerful embedded database architecture making it simple for users to search and retrieve experimental data.

Plates, Dishes & Flasks

We realise how important your choice of cell culture vessels is. IncuCyte ZOOM® supports over 300 different standard plates (including 96- and 384-well), T-flasks, dishes and microslides. With three configurable trays, you can mix and match multiple vessels and even monitor different experiments running concurrently.

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