arium® advance EDI pure water systems ( 2차수 ) > Type 2 Lab Water Systems

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arium® advance EDI pure water systems ( 2차수 ) > Type 2 Lab Water Systems

arium® advance EDI pure water systems ( 2차수 ) 요약정보 및 구매

상품 정보

상품 상세설명

– Microbiological media & reagents
– Solutions for chemical analysis and synthesis
– Histology
– Buffer solutions
– Feed water for laboratory devices: Autoclaves, dishwashers etc.

Consistently High Water Quality
As well as pre-treatment and purification via the reverse osmosis module, the device also
performs softening and electrochemical deionization in the third purification stage.
Thanks to this modern EDI technology, the arium® advance EDI guarantees the reliable
and safe removal of all contamination contained in the feed water.

iJust conceals an innovative technology that optimizes water production.

The intelligent arium® software controls a valve on the concentrate outlet corresponding

to the data entered for CaCO3 and CO2.

iJust thereby optimizes product water quality and water consumption.
  – Premium product water quality at all times
  – Optimized, economic water consumption
  – Guaranteed longer life of downstream ultrapure water systems

Display with Touch Function
Simply navigate intuitively in the easy-to-use and clear menu

by lightly touching the display - even with gloves. 




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